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Reviews of the latest cinema releases for Film4
The Daily Telegraph
Articles written for the Daily Telegraph, including Health, live music reviews and Features.
The Sunday Telegraph
Articles that appeared in the Sunday Telegraph, including a weekly DVD column.
Telegraph Review
Games reviews published in Review, the Telegraph's arts supplement.
Telegraph Online
Articles published on the Telegraph website, including film blogs, music reviews and video features.

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Articles written on film including a weekly DVD column in the Sunday Telegraph, reviews and features for the Telegraph Film Blog and consumer advice for Christmas.
Reviews of festivals and concerts for the Daily Telegraph and the newspaper's music blog.
Video Games
Reviews included in the Daily Telegraph's Saturday Review supplement, as well as unedited online versions.
Articles written on the latest technological news and gadgets, including the high definition format war.

Reviews and articles about television written for the Daily Telegraph and the Sunday Telegraph.
Various articles written on a number of topics, including giving up alcohol for lent and consumer advice at Christmas.
A four-part series where I attempted to lower my perilously high cholesterol level.
Book reviews.

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